Without a meaningful plan for implementing change, all your great ideas, big-hearted generosity, and positive intentions are going to waste. Organizational change management is a professional discipline that would greatly benefit leaders in the massage community.

Insurance agent with stack of policy contracts on office desk
Education director with a stack of policy changes that will never get implemented, stacked on an office desk.

Zeth is developing a course on Organizational Change Management for the Massage Profession. If you are interested in receiving updates, let us know.

In my experience schools of the healing arts and places where those big-hearted healers work after graduating all involve some pretty kindhearted people. This type of work attracts all kinds of people. They tend to share the core value of wanting to make the world a better place.

Those who rise to the ranks of managers, leaders, spa owners, and massage school owners don’t always have the advantage of traditional education or work experience. The intentions might be wholesome. The brainpower might be present. The resources needed may even be available.

Yet despite all of these things aligning, things don’t change in meaningful ways.

Organizations of all kinds struggle with change management. Programs fail to get implemented. Critical criteria were forgotten when choices were made. An important decision was made because of a personal relationship or kickback incentive. A project gets executed and becomes an expensive waste of money because the scope wasn’t defined appropriately.

Signs of Ineffective Change Management

The following signs of ineffective change management may be things you have thought, said, or heard others express.

What are signs of good change management?

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hand holding small tree for planting. concept green world.
Hands holding soil and a small tree for planting. Concept representing “let’s grow together.”