Zeth is working on a podcast aimed at professional massage educators who want to make their classrooms more inclusive. Please reach out if you are interested in sponsoring or producing this project.

Each episode will be approximately 12-15 minutes.

Empty home recording studio with podcast equippment

I was deeply inspired by the work of my friend and mentor, Ruth Werner, and her Pathology-related podcast series, “I have a client who…”

The format of my podcast is starting similarly. Educators can expect an overview of the pathology or problem, a snapshot of how this might affect students in the classroom, and ideas on how to make the learning environment more inclusive.

I would LOVE to continue this project with a collaborative team; let me know if you’d like to work with me on helping educators feel more confident and making massage classrooms more accessible for people with invisible illnesses. (And, from there, other issues as well.) [email protected]